Sunday, January 6, 2008

Old Habits, New Habits

So I was blogging till 11:30 last night, which is way past my bedtime. Staying up late is something that only happens when hubby is not around to say "come to bed," and last night he was out playing poker. But I was excited about my blog. I made three posts and started saving drafts of ideas I wanted to write about, all of which were about not watching TV.

This morning, I woke up late and lay in bed thinking about all the other things I want to write about, namely litter boxes (check back later, I'll explain). I could have done that all morning, but have decided I want to get some work done today. So I showered and headed to the kitchen to make something to eat.

Then a funny thing happened. I had some roasted veggies, so I put it on some bread with some Monterey Jack and popped it in the microwave for two minutes. And then I grabbed the TiVo remote and hit Power.

Wow, I thought, were it not for the fact that I made the decision to unplug the TV last night, I would be watching TV right now, less than 24 hours after resolving not to. And the thing is, I didn't even think about it, it was like a fixed action pattern.

A minute later, I pulled the sandwich out of the oven, added some spinach, and headed to the couch to eat, picking up the remote again and ... oh, yeah, I'm not watching TV.

So I ate at the dining room table, like a civilized person. It's kinda amazing that something as simple as unplugging the TV would stop me--I would have thought I would have had to haul the TV to the garage or ask my husband to hide the remote. So maybe I'm ready for this.

I am somewhat concerned, however, that blog-is-to-TV not like methadone-is-to-heroin, more like crack-is-to-heroin. So I'm leaving home to get away from the wi-fi so I can get some work done.
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