Monday, February 4, 2008

One Degree: Jackie Earle Haley and Patrick Wilson

First, the answer to last week's One Degree. The actors Carla Gugino and Matthew Goode were in The Lookout, which starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a mentally impaired young man, who, as a janitor at a bank, finds himself befriended by hoods who are up to no good. Carla Gugino plays his therapist, while Matthew Goode plays the con artist; both will be playing superheroes in Watchmen.

OK, I am sorry to be obscure. I am letting my geek flag fly free, especially for a comic book which I only recently discovered and with actors who almost no one has heard of. But here I go again. There is another One Degree in Watchmen:

Jackie Earle Haley, best known as a child actor in The Bad News Bears, will play the vigilante Rorschach, so named because he sees good and evil in black and white. Patrick Wilson, who was in the movie adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera, will play Night Owl, do-gooder inventor. In what 2006 Oscar nominated film did they appear?
Answers next week. Brownie points for posting your answers in the comments section. No Googling!

Update: Here's a video of the pair being interviewed by Entertainment Weekly at Comic-Con

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