Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hulu Goes Public

I've been beta testing Hulu since I started this blog. Although NBC has it's own streaming video site that allows embedding, Hulu allows full screen video and the ability to exerpt out clips. But what else would prompt people to actually register for the site, when so much is available without doing that little step?

Hulu finally went live today to the general public and I think the answer is movies. They started with about six during beta, but today there are 100, and there's some pretty good ones. In addition to Sideways, which was part of the beta, they've now got The Big Lebowski and The Usual Suspects.

But there are also some sideshow freaks. For instance, here's Arnold Schwarzenegger's first starring role, dubbed no less, in Hercules in New York. To see it in full screen, go to

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