Monday, March 24, 2008

One Degree: John Cusack and Jeremy Piven

First the answer to the One Degree from two weeks ago (sorry for the break): Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman were first credited together for the movie Happy Feet, where they played singing penguin mates. They will soon star together in Australia, a historical epic by Baz Luhrmann set in Botswana. Just kidding.

I don't know how Hollywood works. I know all major movies have casting agents, but sometimes it seems like an actor befriends another actor at some early age and thinks of his buddy for parts in his movie (what else would explain Kate Bosworth being in all Kevin Spacey's movies)? There are the obvious pairs, like Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller, but then there are the more obscure duos.

What are the five movies John Cusack and Jeremy Piven have appeared in together?

Partial credit accepted! Answer in the comments! All will be revealed next week.

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Miranda said...

Bob Roberts
Elvis Stories
The Grifters
Grosse Pointe Blank
One Crazy Summer
The Player
Runaway Jury
Say Anything...

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