Monday, April 14, 2008

One Degree: The New Bennifer, Times Three

First, the answer to last week's One Degree--Masi Oka and Greg Grunberg, who now appear on the NBC hit Heroes were previously in Austin Powers in Goldmember.

It's a very special One Degree this week, since I am having writer's block. So if anyone can connect Jennifer Connelly to any of these actors in the upcoming movie He's Just Not That Into You, you get a special bonus prize--my undying geek respect. This movie is rife with connections, but I can't seem to fit her into it. Here's how the other stars, in bold, fit together:
Ginnifer Goodwin starred in the TV show Ed with Justin Long, who is now dating Drew Barrymore, who was in Never Been Kissed with Michael Vartan, who starred with and dated Jennifer Garner, who married Ben Affleck, who dated his Bounce co-star Gweneth Paltrow, who dated Brad Pitt before he married Jennifer Aniston.
After Jennifer Connelly appears in this movie, she'll be extremely well connected, but until then, brownie points to anyone who can link her, via movie or romance, to any of the stars in bold, in as few degrees as possible.

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