Monday, May 12, 2008

One Degree: Ironman and Batman

It's Robert Downey Jr. Month, so here's the answer to last week's One Degree: Robert Downey Jr. starred with Anthony Michael Hall in Weird Science, Eddie Murphy in Bowfinger, and Dan Akroyd (who he has named as his favorite SNL actor) in Chaplin. If you know of more answers, post them to last week's game.

RDJ month continues here at One Degree. Downey remarked in interviews for Iron Man that he's seen his arty peers go on to star in major summer blockbusters--specifically, Wonder Boy's co-star Tobey McGuire's turn as Spiderman--and wanted to make a similar splash. However, Downey has three times more in common with actors who have starred as Batman.
Name the three actors that portrayed Batman on the big screen then went on to costar in films with Downey, and name those three films.
As a bonus, Downey starred in a movie based on a book by an author who wrote another book that was adapted into the career-launching film for the fourth Batman star--name the author.

And for the golden snitch, there are three actresses who have portrayed either Bruce Wayne's love interest or Batman's femme fatale who have also been Downey's costar. This does not count his Gothika co-star Halle Berry, who starred in Catwoman but has never appeared in a Batman film. Name the actresses and the movies they starred in with Downey.

Answers next week! Post your answers in the comments! Have fun!

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