Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pork and Beans

No, I'm not going to write another food-related post about pork or beans. I just finally clicked on the video "Pork and Beans" that's been popping up on YouTube all month it and I'm glad I did.

It's a music video by Weezer featuring all your favorite viral stars, including the Numa Numa Kid, Miss Teen South Carolina, Afro Ninja, and Chris Cocker. At first you think the band is just stealing clips, until you realize the stars are lip synching along with Weezer's song, which is about dancing to the beat of one's own drum without shame.

The video makes me happy. While some of the virals referenced here are just fun, many of them featured folks who's most embarrassing moments were played out over and over by several million people in an endless loop of purgatory. It's nice to see them in this video on their own terms, embracing the unique qualities that made their videos such hits.

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