Saturday, July 26, 2008

Comi-Con Tron 2 Trailer Leaked

I was just a girl in 1982 so I was playing with Strawberry Shortcake instead of seeing Tron, the movie starring Jeff Bridges as a video game creator who gets trapped in his own creation. The rudimentary CGI was cool at the time, but can you imagine that movie remade with today's technology, ala The Matrix? Imagine no more-- the trailer for Tr2n hit Comic-Con on Thursday, and thanks to camera phones, it hit YouTube this morning and it's zooming across the web faster than a light cycle. And it's not a remake--Bridges is back. Check it out:

Update: Sorry, video was removed from YouTube tonight a few hours after I made this post. Here's another link with better closeups and more complete, though this one will probably be removed in a few hours (most of the ones still up are RickRolls). Check out articles below for a description of the trailer.

Here are articles from
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Ropes of Silicon: 'Tron 2' Teaser Footage Featured at Comic Con
G4: 'Tron 2' Footage Screened At Comic-Con

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