Monday, July 14, 2008

One Degree: Ron Perlman and a Former Co-star

I took a long break from One Degree. The last one I did was in May for Robert Downey Jr. in honor of his terrific comeback in Ironman. The answers are:
Mel Gibson (Air America, The Singing Detective),
Katie Holmes (Wonder Boys, The Singing Detective)
Elizabeth Shue (Soapdish, Heart and Souls)
Kevin Kline (Soapdish, Chaplin)
Marissa Tomei (Chaplin, Only You)
Ian McKellen (Richard III, Restoration)
Heather Graham (Two Girls and a Guy, Bowfinger)

On to the next superhero movie-- Hellboy II. While I liked Pan's Labyrinth and it's sepia tones, I thought Guillermo Del Toro's ornate creatures and special effects just overwhelmed and swallowed the real star of the movie: big red Ron Perlman and his snappy dialog. So here's the question:
Other than his co-stars from the first Hellboy, which two stars of Hellboy II have appeared with Ron Perlman before in movies or TV?

Answers next week! Leave your answers in the comments!

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