Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You Might Be A Woman If You...

Over the last few weeks, with my frenzied Comic-Con postings and scouring of the internet for the latest Tr2n and Wolverine trailer, I was pretty convinced that anyone casually looking at my blog would think I was a dude.

Then Salon's Broadsheet clued me into this site that looks at your browser history and assesses your likely gender based on the ratio of men to women who visit those sites. The editor was pretty snarky when it rated her 99 percent male. "Oops! I guess today we forgot to visit our usual stomping grounds:, and Instead, we've been reading super-serious man stuff like the New York Times, Reuters and the BBC." But there's no judgment--it is simply basing it off of the typical visitors for these sites.

So, drumroll please... the site was 91 percent sure I was female! The typically male things I did was read the news, investigate the value of our house, and look at how-to videos ( and funny videos ( The most male-skewed site I visited was Wired (only 41 percent female). But I also do our banking, travel arrangements, event planning, and work in education, which all tend to skew female (if you remove my work-related surfing, the site's only 60% sure I'm a woman).

So what was the most female thing I did? View socially-conscious videos, I guess. The viewers of, which as you might remember is Al Gore's user-generated video site that allows users to program it's cable TV channel, is apparently 61 percent women.

So then I guess it was a smart idea for Current to start airing a special segment in their InfoMania show called "Target: Women" only, it's no Lifetime channel. Instead, Sarah Haskins, my new favorite webceleb, skewers the way that advertisers and network programmers market to women. If you like Tina Fey and The Daily Show, you'll think she's hilarious. Here's her take on cooking guilt (makes me rethink whether I want a Crock-Pot).

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