Monday, August 25, 2008

One Degree: Robert Downey Jr. and Tobey McGuire

First, the answer to last week's One Degree: Scarlett Johanssen and Rebecca Hall played the significant others of Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman, respectively in The Prestige. Now onto this week.

One of the best parts of Tropic Thunder were the fake trailers that opened the show. Tobey McGuire was perfect casting to star opposite Robert Downey Jr.'s character Kirk Lazarus in Satan's Alley, which kinda looked like In the Name of the Rose meets Brokeback Mountain. But it's not the first time Spiderman and Ironman have appeared together in a movie as lovers. What was the first movie the two actors starred in?

Leave your answers in the comments and check back next week!


Anonymous said...

Wonderboys! Great movie.

Anonymous said...

Wonderboys! Great movie

steadof said...

Congrats anonymous, you got it! Play again next week (I'll have to think of something good).

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