Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hulu Film Line Up

One thing I didn't realize was that the movies shown on Hulu often expire after a time, so early films like Sideways are gone. Instead, there are a lot of movie trailers. But there are still some interesting ones: if you haven't seen Super Size Me, it's entertaining and alarming. Here are some others that are somehow significant, though in an "eat your broccoli" kind of way.

Hoop Dreams
Buena Vista Social Club
Wuthering Heights
Sexy Beast
Last Tango in Paris
Inherit the Wind


CKL said...

Sexy Beast is broccoli? That's a great flick. I'd hate to see what you consider the cinematic equivalent of Brussel sprouts. :)

And please note that Hulu's Inherit the Wind is an inferior remake of the brilliant original 1960 film.

steadof said...

Yeah, but it's still one of those critically acclaimed films, not a popcorn flick (BTW, I like Brussel sprouts.) Most days I wish I could just watch something like Baby Mama.

About Inherit the Wind, I think I posted the older one you mentioned--they got both!

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