Tuesday, January 8, 2008


It took three nights but for the first time since quitting TV, I did not go for the remote upon sitting down for dinner. I ate and read a magazine. Granted, that magazine was Entertainment Weekly, but it's progress, right?

Why did this issue make it into the shopping cart today among the chicken and yogurt? Because it was all about the mid-season premieres of some of my favorite shows...that I will not be able to watch on TV anymore. Does that mean I can't watch the shows? Hopefully not. I'll be looking for ways to watch Lost and Battlestar Galactica online--legally. Thank goodness for iTunes and the upcoming Hulu, assuming they are going to be carrying these shows--I've got some research to do before January 31.

About that writers strike, I thought this article on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's return to the air without writers from Salon was an interesting take on how shows will fair without writers (hint: the host with the improv background did a lot better).
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