Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Abercrombie and Fitch take Over Obama Speech

I am on a business trip but I have CNN running on mute on the TV while I'm working. (watching TV while I'm away from home is a loophole to my No TV rule). Obama is giving a speech and I was noticing the three frat boys behind him. I mean not to generalize about frat boys, but they're the right age, they look all tanned from spring break, have those sideburns and jock shoulders, and they are all wearing t-shirts. I mean, I knew that Obama does well with white males, to the point that some women, even women who support Obama, are getting annoyed when Obama boys go off on vaguely misogynistic rants on Hillary.

And then I noticed they were ALL wearing Abercrombie and Fitch T-shirts. Come on A&F. I know Obama has your youth demographic, but this is just tacky. Could it really be that three guys really love A&F so much and just happened to line up behind him, or did you send your street team here? Lame, lame, lame!! A&F, with their lily-white catalogs and racist t-shirts, are the opposite of the multicultural ideal that Obama espouses and represents. And hawking your t-shirts on a nationally televised event for free advertising is worse than advertising bail bonds by standing outside the Today Show.


Marty Abercrombie said...

Maybe next time you decide to talk about my clothes, you should try to make your own clothes! We work hard to find gay men and give them cocaine and get them spray tans before it's time for a national address. At the last minute, we had two of the same shirts and had to run out to the van to get another one. Do you know what kind of stress that puts on us?

Next time you decide to rip on us, remember that we're coked up gay dudes that chat during speeches too. Butt hole.

Anonymous said...

I think A&F is about as vain as Obama's rhetoric.

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