Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's Turn Off TV Life

Of all the things for me to miss writing about--it's Turn Off TV Week and we're already half way through it. Of course, for me it's been Turn Off TV Winter and Spring. I was reminded about this on public radio (who else would remind me, the Today Show?) on Monday but haven't had a chance to write about it.

It's interesting, the organization behind this is no longer just about turning off the TV--it's sponsored by the Center for Screentime Awareness. I understand. I used to complain that I could get sucked into a whole Saturday in front of reruns of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, but I have also gotten sucked into clicking link after random link all day long. But I'll trade internet addiction for TV addiction any day.

It's only fitting that the CSA has a terrible website. The fact that this week is Turn Off TV Week is not emblazoned on their homepage--you have to make two clicks before you can find out that it is scheduled for April 21-27, 2008.

What more can I say about turning off the TV other than what I wrote about in my initial posts about why I quit TV and what it was like for the first few weeks? I think some people can have a healthy relationship with TV but I'm not one of them. If I could watch TV, I would try to follow these nine tips to make TV-watching a source of happiness. But I don't want to go beyond the rules I made for myself--they allow me to structure my media exposure without going overboard in either direction.

My name is Steadof, and I have been sober of TV for 109 days.

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