Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Spore" is in stock

Almost two years ago I read this profile of game inventor Will Wright in The New Yorker. He was working on a new game for Electronic Arts called Spore, which was going to essentially be "Sim Everything"--you would have the chance to create unicellular creatures all the way up to whole civilizations and see how they did against other people's creations in a virtual world. After watching this 35-minute demo back then I thought this is going to turn kids into mini-Darwins or mini-creationists but either way, they are going to have fun.

If the enormous YouTube ad pictured above didn't tip you off (Has YouTube ever allowed such a huge ad that pushes the content down like that before? How much did that cost?), Spore is finally in stores today. If there were any video game I would play it would be this one, but I already have enough addictions, so I will avoid it. However, this video of Robin Williams playing it sure makes it look like fun.

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