Saturday, July 4, 2009

Majors Stars Go Straight to Video

I think I first noticed the phenomenon when I heard about Amy Heckerling's unreleased movie I Could Never Be Your Woman. Until then, I thought it was just the B, C, and D-list celebs that went straight to video. If you ever saw a big star on a tape in Blockbuster without seeing that movies first in theaters, it had to be some dreck they put out before they were famous, right?

Wrong. Michelle Pfeifer and Paul Rudd aren't the only ones with such a blemish on their records--plenty of major stars have movies that never get distributed. Here's a few I have found. The first two are just meh, but the last one almost looks like one of those film parodies you might see at the end of Tropic Thunder. What about you? Know of any more?

My Mom's New Boyfriend (2008)
Meg Ryan, Colin Hanks (Tom Hank's son), Antonio Banderas

Neverwas (2005)

Ian McKellen, Aaron Eckhart, Jessica Lange

Tiptoes, 2005
Kate Beckinsale, Matthew McConaughey, and, well, wait for it...

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