Saturday, July 11, 2009

ABC finally moves to Hulu!

I was away for a week so didn't notice which day this happened, but ABC finally started loading content into Hulu, approximately 2 months after their partnership deal went through. Now they actually have a shot at addicting me to their new shows (their streaming video server app stopped working for me ealier this year and we had to watch Lost on my husband's computer).

Here's the thing though--I've heard good things about Better Off Ted, but the first ep they loaded was episode 4 (below), so I don't plan on watching it. They are obviously focused on the DVR audience, but have to realize that there are more and more people like me, who only watch online. I understand they are probably trying to help their DVD sales, but posting episode 1 of a fledgling series would not only help me get into the show but anyone who missed the first few episodes. They should try to negotiate their terms with the show's producers to allow posting of the first 3 episodes before the second season begins, at least for a few weeks.

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