Monday, July 28, 2008

One Degree: Will Ferrell and Mothers

Wow, I had a lot of new visitors last week! Since some of you are new, I'll reintroduce the game I've got going called One Degree. It's like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, except in this case, you need to figure out what movie or movies two actors other than Kevin Bacon have appeared in together, rather than connecting a string of movies.

First, the answer to last week's challenge. Ron Perlman recently starred in Hellboy 2 as the title character. His co-stars from Hellboy rejoined him in the sequel, but Perlman has also worked with the actors playing the royal elf family. I knew about Luke Goss (Prince Nuada), who worked with Perlman on Blade 2, and later learned that he had also appeared with Anna Walton (Princess Nuala) in The Mutant Chronicles.

But connection that I thought was the coolest was with with 85-year old actor Roy Dotrice--as soon as I saw him appear as King Baylor, I knew I had seen him before. In 1987, Perlman starred opposite Linda Hamilton (before she got buff for Terminator 2) in the TV show Beauty and the Beast in the title role, while Dotrice played his adoptive father.

So, speaking of parents, here's the new challenge. In the past I just named two actors and asked for the movie they were in together, but I'm rephrasing this to make it Google-proof.
What actress played the stepmom of one of Will Ferrell's characters and will be playing his mother in a movie coming soon?

First person to post the answer gets bragging rights! Answers next week! Here's a Will Ferrell clip to get those neurons firing:

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