Saturday, September 6, 2008

From Firefly to Mad Men: Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks plays dishy office manager Joan Holloway on Mad Men. She's like a red-headed kitten, taking razor-sharp swipes at men and women alike, then retracting back to wide-eyed innocence. However, it's not the first time Hendricks has proved she can turn on a dime from innocent to femme fatale. She looks completely different here on Firefly as the seemingly naive, subservient Saffron, who has convinced Captain Malcolm Reynolds that he's inadvertently married her in an obscure backwater ceremony--turns out she's got motives of her own:

Bonus: This was not the first time Hendricks appeared on a Joss Whedon show--she had to pay her dues with bit parts like this on Angel--don't blink!

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